How to make iron bridges

BackHow to make iron bridges.[Step 1]To set the Bridge mode of facial manipulation of the part which wants to make an iron bridge to 1.0.  [Step 2]Load an iron bridge.How to connect is the same as a track.[Step 3]Load the "Bank end.pmx". This track is single line.So to set the facial manipulation of Single line to 1.0.[Ex]How to make Trestle bridge.To set the facial manipulation of Supporti...


How to use [Step 3]

Back[Step 3]The second car[Step 3-1]Load the "02 Dummy bone for the run.pmx".And copy 0 frame key of "01 Dummy bone for the run.pmx".And Paste the keyframe to 0 frame of "02 Dummy bone for the run.pmx".[Step 3-2]Load the second car model.And to set the train model OP to Joint bone of 02 Dummy bone. The second car overlaps with the first car then.[Step 3-3]And copy from 0 to -1 All frame key of "0...


How to use [Step 2]

BackHow to move trains[Step 2]Trains[Step2-1]Read the "01 Dummy bone for the run.pmx".And this model set a first curve end.(ex 1m=12.5 25m=312.5 Coordinate of MMD) [Step2-2]Load a train model.And this model OP set Joint bone of Dummy bone. [Step2-3]Model manipulation set Dummy bone model.And to set the 1C-Right of Facial manipulation to 0.2.(1C-Right:1st Curve Right)(0.2: This Curve radius is 20...


How to use [Step 1]

Usage commentary of this model[Step 1]Railway[Step 1-1]Load a railway model.I read a model of 25 meters this time. [Step1-2]Load a second railway model.I read a model of 100 meters this time.And OP set the Joint bone of first railway model. [Step1-3]The curve of this track is made by facial manipulation. I repeat this work and connect a track.R200-R means "The Right curve of a Radius of 200m". ...